With the Solarix X2 Tanning Bed, you will see the color difference immediately! While conventional tanning beds require 3 to 8 visits to establish a base tan, the Solarix X2  system only requires 2 to 5 sessions.The Solarix X2  success is attributed to the fact that they have more tanning power than any competitive product. The proprietary filter glass and high-pressure sunlamps used in Solarix X2  tanning systems provide the optimum number of the tanning photons necessary for a deep, dark and long-lasting tan.
High-pressure tanning system emit more of the longer UVR wavelengths that penetrate farther into the skin melanosomes located deeper in the skin. Since it takes these melanosomes longer to reach the surface of the skin, the tan lasts much longer and appears deeper and darker.

Most people find that they can maintain their tan in a Solarix X2 High-pressure tanning system by spacing the sessions approximately one to two weeks apart thus saving money over regular tanning units which you need to tan 2-3 times per week to maintain your tan. Think of all the valuable time and money you will save! 

Advantages of High pressure

 What is High Pressure Tanning?
High pressure tanning is an exciting new alternative to traditional indoor tanning. The high pressure tanning system uses "high pressure" quartz lamps as opposed to "low pressure" conventional fluorescent tubular lamps. High pressure tanning is able to provide a faster, deeper longer lasting tan than conventional tanning with a greatly reduced risk of sunburn.

How does High Pressure Tanning Work?

Humans normally exfoliate (shed) their skin about every 28 days. Constant exposure to UVB light in conventional tanning beds accelerates this cycle to somewhere between 5 to 10 days. Since UVB light tans only your outer layer of skin which exfoliates every 5 to 10 days, your tan fades if left more than just a few days go by between tanning sessions. Also, in response to UVB, your outer layer of skin thickens as a natural barrier to further UVB exposure. High pressure beds tan with virtually 100% UVA rays, allowing your skin to return to its normal 28 day cycle. High pressure tanning also tans deeper, so even as your other layer exfoliates, the layer beneath is still tan. Simply put, UVA is a deeper penetrating ray than UVB. Unlike UVB that hardly penetrates deep into the levels of elasticine and collagen, the connective tissue of the skin. With almost pure UVA which is the bronzing ray you will achieve a deep dark tan with out burning because of little UVB the redding and burning ray. High pressure lamps increase the amount of energy that is released so that the tanning process is triggered in much less time. One 12 minute session in one of our Solarix X2  beds  could be compared to 3 to 5 sessions in a conventional low pressure bed, or 4 hours in midday summer sun.

Advantages of High Pressure Tanning

Saves time:   With fewer tanning sessions needed think of all the time you will be saving!

Fewer sessions: Means less overall exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Save money: You will achieve your tan in just 3 to 6 sessions and your tan will last 3 to 4 times longer, so you will save time and money by not having to tan as often.

Relaxing: In the Solarix X2 , all the UV rays come from the top and bottom of the unit or 360* degrees, which makes for a total of just a 12minute session time. This makes the tanning experience less like artificial tanning and much more like sunbathing at the beach.